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Rental Agreement

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The Boat House Rental Agreement

Version 1.0

I agree to rent from Sea and Sky Rentals LLC, ("Agent" for the Owners) the premises known as "The Boat House" located at:
13224 Neptune Dr, Hudson, FL for the period commencing and ending on the agreed upon dates.

Under the following terms and conditions, it is understood that the property will be used as a family rental only. Unless a written there has been written consent by both parties for term and conditions, there are to be NO HOUSE PARTIES, weddings or receptions are allowed.

Minimum Age

Minimum age to rent this property is 25 years old.


I agree to pay a Reservation Deposit equal to 50% of the rental fee. That deposit will hold my reservation and will be deducted from my rental fee.

Refundable Security Deposit

I agree to pay a refundable $300.00 Security Deposit. I understand that if I ignore or break any of the conditions of this rental agreement or the detailed Instructions for Rental that any damage or ignoring any terms or conditions that occurs during my stay is considered "intentional" and not covered by the Accidental Damage Insurance, that damage will be paid for using the Security Deposit. I also understand that if any extra cleaning charges are incurred, my Security Deposit will be used to pay that charge for extra cleaning. Any Security Deposit money left after paying for the damage, and/or extra cleaning will be returned, along with receipts showing how the money was spent.

If no intentional damage is found after your stay is over, the Security Deposit will be refunded within 14 days of your departure date.

Rental Fee

I agree to pay the total rental fee that has been agreed upon no later than 2 months prior to the commencement date of the rental period. Failure to pay in full within this time frame may result in cancellation of reservation and forfeiture for deposit.


  • I agree to purchase Accidental Rental Damage Insurance at the time of booking. The policy cost is $69. The insurance provides up to $3,000.00 in accidental damage insurance should any damage occur during my stay.
  • I agree to be responsible for any damage that exceeds the $3,000.00 Accidental Damage Insurance policy. I agree to provide credit card information to be used in the event that damages exceed the $3,000.00 coverage limit.
  • I understand that the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance does not cover intentional acts/vandalism. I understand and agree that I am responsible for any damages caused by intentional acts or act of vandalism.

Guests Bringing Boats / Watercraft

The Boat Lift behind the home is not included in the rental of the home. The boat lift is reserved for use by the property owner. However, guests can secure their boats and jet skis on either side of the floating dock behind the home.

There is room in the side yard to park your boat trailer.

There is a public boat ramp nearby at Hudson Beach.

Guests of The Boat House must maintain any required insurance for their boats, boat trailers, and watercraft to include liability insurance. Our insurance does not cover your boat or any watercraft that you or your approved guests bring to the property..

Problems/Broken Items

  • I agree that my failure to report cleaning issues immediately upon arrival will negate the possibility of any recourse.
  • I agree to report any damage / broken items, appliances, etc immediately. I understand that there can be no guarantee that any particular item, appliance, etc, will be in full working order for the duration of my stay.
  • I agree not to ask for any type of refund if every reasonable effort is made to repair / replace anything I report as damaged or broken.

Cancellation Policy

  • There will be no refunds for any cancellations. Any monies paid will be forfeited.
  • I understand that I have the option to purchase Travel Insurance through Travel Guard.

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Pet Policy

  • Well-behaved, housetrained, non-aggressive pets are allowed on a case-by-case basis only. Failure to get prior approval of a pet may result in termination of rental, immediate eviction, and forfeiture of all fees.
  • Guest agrees to pay non-refundable Pet Fee per dog.
  • Upon approval, guests agree to abide by the following:
    • All Dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations.
    • Dogs are required to be kept crated when left alone in the property.
    • Guests will pick up and dispose of the dog’s droppings properly.
    • Pet cannot be a barking/noise nuisance.
    • Pet must be walked on leash when outside of the house by a responsible adult.
    • Pets cannot be left alone outside the home including but not limited to: in the yard, sunroom, cars/trucks, porches, etc.
    • Pets brought to the home must be attended to and taken care of.
    • Pets must not be allowed to mark, spray, scratch furniture, walls, doors, etc.

Check-in - Check-out times

Normal check-in time is *4:00 pm and normal check-out time is 10:00 am.

*4:00 Check-in

Under certain circumstances (busy times of year) our cleaners may not have the apartment cleaned by 4:00 pm. We ask for your understanding in this matter. If the apartment is not clean for 4:00 pm, rest assured that it will be cleaned ASAP. There will be no refunds due to the home not being ready for check-in at 4:00 pm.

General Conditions

  • I agree to have no more than six (6) people for occupancy, unless another maximum occupancy agreement is reached by both parties in writing.
  • This agreement shall not be assigned, nor the premises sublet, without the written consent of the owner or his agents.
  • I will maintain this property in as good condition as I find it and agree to replace or pay for any loss, breakage or damage to the satisfaction of the owner or agents.
  • I understand that this is a non-smoking rental. I am permitted to smoke outdoors, as long as smoking does not cause an issue to neighboring properties. I am responsible to pick up all butts and dispose of them properly. I agree that any violation of the smoking policy may incur a charge to the credit /debit card I provided to pay for any extra cleaning needed to remove the smell of smoke or the removal of cigarette butts.
  • I agree that if I want to bring my pet, it must be approved in advance as a “pet stay.” There is a $50 non-refundable pet fee. I agree that if I bring a pet or pets without approval and/or the required pet fee, it may incur a charge to the credit / debit card I provided, and/or I may be evicted.
  • It is expressly understood and agreed that owners of said premises will not be liable for any damages or injury to tenant or other occupants and their property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy of said premises.
  • I agree not to hold the owners responsible for any Items that I leave behind, or are stolen. I agree to vacate said premises upon the termination of this agreement at the hour and date shown above. Before vacating, I will:
    • Place all dirty towels on the bathroom floors.
    • Beds should be left unmade. Sheets do not need to be stripped from the beds.
    • Clean all dirty dishes and put them in the proper place in the cabinets.
    • Remove all perishables and food items from the refrigerator.
    • Do a final walk-through of the home and exterior for your personal belongings. We are not responsible for any item left behind/forgotten by our guests. If you report a lost item and housekeeping finds it, there is a minimum mail-back fee of $50 per item. This mail-back / shipping is through standard postal mail.
    • Collect all garbage and place outside in the garbage can.
    • Set the thermostat to 78° when A/C is on, 60° when heat is on.
    • Turn off all lights and appliances such as: iron, dryer, coffee maker, toaster oven, crockpot, etc. If uncertain, please ask.
    • Close and lock the premises.

Right Of Entry

I agree that the OWNER or his AGENT shall have the right to enter into the premises, or any part thereof, for the purpose of examining the same or making repairs or alterations deemed necessary.

I have read and understand the terms of this rental agreement. I also certify that I am at least 25 years of age and that I will be held responsible for the care of this property being rented under my name. I accept full responsibility for any damages or extra cleaning charges, should they be discovered during or after my departure.

I shall fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend (collectively “indemnify” and “indemnification”) Lee Knepper, his agents and affiliates (collectively, “Indemnified Parties”) from and against all claims, demands, actions, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs), whether or not involving a third party claim, which arise out of the use of the vacation rental property on 613 Portia Cr, Key Largo, FL 33037 for the period commencing and ending on the agreed upon dates in each case whether or not caused by the negligence of Lee Knepper, his agents or any other Indemnified Party and whether or not the relevant Claim has merit.

When acknowledged by the tenant and accepted by owner, this shall constitute a rental agreement.

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